Welcome cultured food lovers, fermenting newbs, and folks for whom consuming food alive with microbes – no matter how friendly – is still a little too ‘out there’.

Cultured.kiwi is all about encouraging, exciting, tempting and tantalising you on your own adventure with fermented, ehem, I mean cultured foods (find that thought unlikely? Head on over to the about tab and I’ll do my best to change your mind).

Culturing food is like a journey, a re-education, an invitation to get down with the friendly microbes that don’t just add complex flavours, amped up nutritients and probiotic punch to your food, but play essential roles in the functioning of your digestive tract, immune system and even your mental wellbeing.

Before you know it, you too might be hooked on brewing your own kombucha ‘champagne’, or find yourself adding banh mi pickles to breakfast, lunch and dinner. But let me not prejudice you. Check out the recipe section for yourself and dive on in! Your taste buds – and gut bugs – will love you for it.

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